A True Farm To Fork Connection From Real Texas Ranchers and Butchers


It all starts with a healthy well cared for calf.  This is the start of spring calving season for many ranchers, with the hope that a new calf crop brings for more calves, healthy calves and a good year for grass so they can grow well.  Calves born in the spring are weaned in the fall, and often go to another rancher to graze and grow more after they are weaned.  Identifying a calf to the ranch and rancher where it was born and raised is the critical first step for our ranchers that raise Authentic Beef.  They care for their calves well.... and really care for the people who eat the beef they raise.  That's why their brand goes on the package of every steak that leaves their ranch.  Because they really care and want to sign their name to what they produce.  That's what Authentic Beef Ranchers are all about!

~Mike and Shannon Nichols