A True Farm To Fork Connection From Real Texas Ranchers and Butchers


How do you know the beef you are eating is authentic?  The dictionary gives the definition of authentic as: (adjective) - "of undisputed origin; genuine".  To have an undisputed origin, your beef has to carry the brand, name or another ID that tells you where it came from, along with where it's been between the rancher that raised it and your table, such as the butcher that processed it.  If the rancher that raised the beef you're eating hasn't "signed his name to his work", it can't be authentic because you can't know where it came from.  If knowing exactly who the rancher is that raised your beef is important to you, we understand.  We care.  If you want to know  where your food comes from, we can help.  For folks who want to truly know the rancher that raised the beef they serve, we're here.  That's what we do... and every rancher placing their brand on every cut of beef is how we do it.  That's what Authentic Beef Ranches is all about.

~Mike and Shannon