A True Farm To Fork Connection From Real Texas Ranchers and Butchers


What is important to you?  If it’s knowing exactly what farm or ranch your food comes from, or who raised the food that you carefully prepare for your friends and family, or how much the butcher that cuts the meat you serve really cares, then we understand.  We care.  It's for people like you that we take the time and give the attention to insure you what ranch your steak came from and who the rancher is that raised the beef on your table.  It's for folks who value knowing where their food comes from. It's for folks who want to truly know the rancher that raised the steaks and ground beef they eat, and want to have the assurance that it was raised the right way by ranchers that really care.  That requires traceability, and is very simply what Authentic Beef Ranches is all about.

~Mike and Shannon