A True Farm To Fork Connection From Real Texas Ranchers and Butchers


Where does the beef you serve come fromAustralia? New Zealand? Brazil? Mexico?  Canada?  The United States?  Where at in the United States?  What State?  What ranch?  A package of ground beef can easily come from more than one country, and no one can tell you where it came from?  If knowing where your food comes from matters to you, we understand.  We care.  It's for people like you that Authentic Beef Ranchers do what they do... that is, place their brand on every package of beef they produce.  They "sign their name" to what they produce and stand behind it so you can know who and where.  They diligently do this work for folks who want to truly know where their food comes from, who the rancher is that raised their steaks and ground beef, and who want to have the assurance that it was raised the right way by ranchers that really care.  That requires traceability......  which is what Authentic Beef Ranches is all about.

~Mike and Shannon