A True Farm To Fork Connection From Real Texas Ranchers and Butchers


Who produces the beef you eat?  If it’s a steak from one ranch that you bought it from direct, you know.  But if it’s a steak with a big name pretty label featuring lots of platitudes and buzz words there’s no way of knowing the rancher that raised it or how it was produced.  If it’s a package of ground beef with a similar fancy label including the same type popular food promises such as “natural”, “local”, “humane”, etc., but no specific identification of the rancher that raised it, not only do you not know who the individual is that produced it, there are possibly multiple farms from more than one country that the ground beef came from; not one rancher that cared enough to sign his or her name to it.  Folks who value knowing where their food comes from can truly know the rancher that raised the steaks and ground beef they eat, and have the assurance that it was raised the right way by ranchers that really care.  That, requires traceability and is very simply what Authentic Beef Ranches is all about.

~Mike and Shannon